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Submission + - Iran behind plot to sabotage USA's electricity infrastructure ( 2

Taco Cowboy writes: First we had the Chinese snooping around US firms looking for juicy industrial secrets, and now, the Iranians are stepping up the game, by launching state-sanctioned attacks on US energy firms and hope to sabotage critical infrastructure by targeting industrial control systems,

Original article at WSJ ( ) and also at NYT but they are behind paywalls

Alternate articles at The Register ( ) and at Jerusalem Post (

Iran is responsible for a wave of computer attacks on US corporations, with targets including oil, gas and electricity companies

Unlike the cyber incursions from China, the goal of the Iranian attacks is sabotage rather than espionage. The cyber attacks are seen as attempts to gain control of critical processing systems.

The attacks on oil, gas and power firms have so far concentrated on accruing information on how their systems work – a likely first step in a co-ordinated campaign that would eventually result in attacks aimed at disrupting or destroying such infrastructure

Sabotaging industrial control systems represents a greater level of sophistication on the part of the attackers and a serious risk to be managed by those energy firms involved.

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Iran behind plot to sabotage USA's electricity infrastructure

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  • iran has weapons of mass destruction... somewhere... we're totally sure this time

    • I could swear this story broke and was debunked a month or two ago. Iran is basically throwing spitballs at a battleship here, this coverage is all about hyping up the fear to justify handing billions of dollars over to "cyber-security" contractors.

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