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Submission + - AMD Launches New Mobile APU Lineup, Kabini Gets Tested (tomshardware.com)

An anonymous reader writes: While everyone was glued to the Xbox One announcement, Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 launch", and Intel's pre-Haswell frenzy, it seems that AMD's launch was overlooked. On Wednesday, AMD launched it's latest line of mobile APUs, codenamed Temash, Kabini, and Richland. Temash is targeted towards smaller touchscreen-based devices such as tablets and the various Windows 8 hybrid devices, and comes in dual-core A4 and A6 flavors. Kabini chips are intended for the low-end notebook market, and come in quad-core A4 and A6 models along with a dual-core E2. Richland includes quad-core A8 and A10 models, and is meant for higher-end notebooks — MSI is already on-board for the A10-5750M in their GX series of gaming notebooks . All three new APUs feature AMD HD 8000-series graphics.

Tom's Hardware got a prototype notebook featuring the new quad-core A4-5000 with Radeon HD 8300 graphics, and benchmarked it versus a Pentium B960-based Acer Aspire V3 and a Core-i3-based HP Pavillion Sleekbook 15. While Kabini proves more efficient, and features more powerful graphics than the Pentium, it comes up short in CPU-heavy tasks. What's more, the Core-i3 matches the A4-5000 in power efficiency while its HD 4000 graphics completely outpace the APU.

Although AMD has Kabini poised against Intel's Pentium line, notebooks featuring Core-i3s can be had for just around $50 more. And this is Ivy Bridge that was tested. With Intel's own launch just around the bend, the company will be improving efficiency in the upper-end of the spectrum with Haswell, meanwhile increasing performance on the lower-end with Silvermont-based Atoms. Unfortunately, it appears that Intel could very well manage to lock-in the low-end, just as they've done in the enthusiast segment.

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AMD Launches New Mobile APU Lineup, Kabini Gets Tested

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