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Submission + - How can I copy text from Scribd's obfuscated format?

An anonymous reader writes: Information wants to be free, but online document provider Scribd is doing its best to keep it chained up. A growing trend seems to be for online news articles to contain mostly teasers, with the best content being displayed only using Scribd's latest "feature", a locked-down container that uses Javascript so that you only get jibberish if you try to copy or print it. Worse yet, screen readers can't make sense of it, which violates every accessibility guideline around.

The browser tricks that used to make it possible to copy or print content locked up in Scribd's system don't work anymore. An earlier generation of hackers would have been all over this situation like Adobe's ill-fated PDF DRM. But today, it seems to be impossible to find any discussion of freeing content from Scribd on the internet. Is the open content movement dead, or just too preoccupied with other issues?
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How can I copy text from Scribd's obfuscated format?

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