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Submission + - Zotero Reader for Android Will Bring Your Entire LIbrary Along with You (xcorr.net) 1

An anonymous reader writes: You may know Zotero, a bibliography management application that helps create and organize entire personal libraries, including WebDAV synchronization of attachments (e.g. PDFs). A new project is about to bring us an Android app that will turn any Android device into a personal library with document downloading (complete or on-demand) and synchronization. In combination with a PDF reader, you will have your entire digital library with you in order to read, highlight, and annotate while on the go. A fully functioning web-only prototype (albeit without WebDAV support) is available at http://zoteroreader.com/ Currently, a fund-raising campaign is ongoing to support the developers. Please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/zotero-reader-android-app/ for a pledge.
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Zotero Reader for Android Will Bring Your Entire LIbrary Along with You

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  • I can see myself sit in a coffee shop with my (yet imaginary) Android tablet and do my work free of the distraction at home. This would a a real reason for me to finally invest in a tablet. I hope the campaign succeeds. But beware: if you fund the app, it will incur more expenses for coffee in the long run! ;)

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