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Submission + - FBI Considers CALEA II - Mandatory Wiretapping on End Users' Devices ( 1

Techmeology writes: In response to declining utility of CALEA mandated wiretapping backdoors due to more widespread use of cryptography, the FBI is considering a revamped version that would mandate wiretapping facilities in end users' computers and software. Critics have argued that this would be bad for security, as such systems must be more complex and thus harder to secure. CALEA has also enabled criminals to wiretap conversations by hacking the infrastructure used by the authorities. I wonder how this could ever be implemented in FOSS.
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FBI Considers CALEA II - Mandatory Wiretapping on End Users' Devices

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  • by happynut ( 123278 ) on Saturday May 18, 2013 @02:00AM (#43760337)

    One way it could be done: randomly try and wiretap, and if it doesn't work: you're already guilty (because you didn't implement the CALEA requirements.

    And if you just implement it by playing music-on-hold (or the equivalent): they could just call you and see if it shows up in the wiretap.

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