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Submission + - Why are Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle Backing a Fight Against the Blind? ( 1

Glyn Moody writes: The world's blind have been trying to obtain the right to access books in other formats like Braille for 30 years, but the publishers have been fighting hard to stop that happening, claiming that copyright would be harmed if exceptions were made. Last month, the MPAA joined in, seeking to weaken even further the text of a proposed UN treaty on copyright exceptions for persons who are blind or have other disabilities. Now it seems it's the turn of computer companies to attack the blind. A Brussels-based corporate lobby group known as Business Europe has sent a letter to the European Commission opposing the treaty. What's interesting is some of the well-known computer companies in the Business Europe's Corporate Advisory and Support Group: Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. So the question is: do they support Business Europe and its attempt to block copyright exceptions for the blind? If they don't, they need to speak up against the move; if they do, we will know how much weight to put on future claims that they are compassionate, caring organisations...
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Why are Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle Backing a Fight Against the Blind?

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  • The source doesn't bother quoting the actual exception supposedly needed for us - pardon my auto ad hominem - visually impaired folks. How will any similar bill to what's ostensibly offered not be harmful to businesses that can't afford braille editions of any little thing ever published in textual form? I say ostensibly since I failed to find what is actually discussed and so resorted to commenting on my own theory of "what the heck is the submitter talking about".

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