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Submission + - Google serves Microsoft a C&D to takedown Windows Phone Youtube App 2

mystikkman writes: After years of complaining to the EU and others about Google not allowing Windows Phone access to the same Youtube API features used by the Android and iOS apps and Google's refusal to make one for Windows Phone, Microsoft recently went ahead and released their own app featuring even a download button. However, Google served a Cease and Desist on Microsoft today to immediately take down the app citing lack of ads. In response, Microsoft commented that it would be more than happy to add ads if only Google would give them access to the API and indirectly accused Google of trying to cripple Windows Phone by refusing it access to one of the most popular apps on smartphones and citing Larry Page's comments at Google I/O calling for more openness in the tech space.

Given how much of humanity's video content is locked into Youtube, looks like Google needs to append "except on Windows Phone" to their grandiose mission statement: "Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful."
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Google serves Microsoft a C&D to takedown Windows Phone Youtube App

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  • The last paragraph has a URL with anchor text "mission statement". It is extremely 404:'ssmissionistoorganizetheworld'sinformationandmakeituniversallyaccessibleanduseful.

  • It seems in the C&D:

    (1) allows users to download videos from YouTube
    (2) prevents the display of advertisements in YouTube video playbacks
    (3) plays videos that our partners have restricted from playback on certain platforms (e.g.
    , mobile devices with limited feature sets). These features directly harm our content creators and clearly violate our Terms of Service. We request that you immediately withdraw this application from the Windows Phone Store and disable existing downloads of the application by Wednesday, May 22, 2013.

    So, I guess if MSFT removes or modifies the behavior, then Google is okay with it? Google already announced last December that it won't be making apps for Windows Phone so I for one applaud MSFT for going out and giving the people what they want. YouTube is a brand and has become synonymous for all things video content.

    But it really seems kind of strange that Google would go after MSFT for this kind of activity considering that the Google Play Store has multiple download apps and t

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