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theodp writes: In The Design That Conquered Google, The New Yorker's Matt Buchanan reports that "cards" — modeled after real cards — are set to become one of the dominant ways in which Google presents certain types of information to users. The power of a card as a visual-organization metaphor, the secret of its infiltration, said Matias Duarte (lead designer of Android), is that "it makes very clear the atomic unity of things; it’s still flexible while creating a kind of regularity." Hey, maybe that Bill Atkinson was really on to something with that dadgum HyperCard software of his back in the '80s!
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Google's House of Cards

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  • I just saw it. "Cards", yes. That post was phrasing it politely.

    WHAT is Google doing?! Google+ looks like Newsvine or Tumblr now, with three columns of stacked "card" blocks. I liked Google+ a lot for the past 2 years. Now, it is a mess. 41 changes were rolled out today.

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