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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What is the best hard-copy backup of my digital identity? 1

Megaport writes: 'Digital identity' can mean whatever set of unique digital artifacts happen to be most precious to you, or the keys to those things. In my case, it probably comes down to all my ssh & gpg keys and password safes. What is the best way to get a printout or other physical representation of that data in a medium that is inexpensive and inconspicuous?

My current idea is to pass-phrase encrypt and ASCII armor all my keys and safes, then sign the package using each of the keys it contains. I've collected these through 20 years of working in the industry with a lot of people who would be easily able to recognize and verify them from among their own crypto-collection, so my feeling is that this could also be useful for establishing myself in a digital environment through ad-hoc webs of trust.

Put the whole thing onto a QR code, print it out cards, stickers and t-shirts which I take everywhere and also leave in my trail behind me. My digital identity would be secure of everything this side of a rubber hose for the pass-phrase. Is this a reasonable security trade-off?

Please slashdot, tell me how paranoid I need to be. Anyway, I can't think of anyone better to ask whose name doesn't start with 'Bruce'.
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Ask Slashdot: What is the best hard-copy backup of my digital identity?

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  • Since this article isn't going to be accepted I may as well reply. The answer to your question is: don't. Don't redefine yourself as signature bits.

    If you've got some anonymous activism to do then school up on the methods and practices that it would be self-defeating to educate you on here.

    If you need to do secure communications it would behove you to stay away from the Internet and work on the primitives like blind drop and clear sign.

    If you must do some confidential stuff over the Internet use serious

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