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Submission + - Europol: "Chrome is determinedly prohibited"

mazevedo writes: In a security tech event, Vítor Agostinho, from the Portuguese unit of Europol said that Chrome was "determinedly prohibited in the institution". Failing to cite the reasons, he says that browser preference in Europol goes for Internet Explorer first and Firefox as a second line option.

Additional insight into Europol standards, are things like machines with on-line access and different machines for internal network access, or that the iPad was considered a non secure tool for taking notes in meetings.

Mr. Agostinho failed to mention what parameters the bi-yearly assessment study has shown to consider IE safer than Chrome, but understanding that both Chrome and Firefox have their source code open and freely available on the Internet, and IE is still the most hacked browser, this conclusion by one of the European Union's law enforcement agencies comes as a surprise.

The original article is here in Portuguese
Google translation is barely readable.
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Europol: "Chrome is determinedly prohibited"

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