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Submission + - Will First Lady Find Google's TV Viewing Patent Evil?

theodp writes: First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative is all about minimizing TV viewing time. Google's pending-patent for User Viewing Data Collection for Generating Media Viewing Achievements, on the other hand, is all about maximizing TV viewing time. From the patent application: 'Users can watch various media, such as television shows, movies, previews, video clips, music videos, etc...Users can be awarded various achievements, badges, etc. based upon the media watched and how/where the media was viewed. Achievements can be shared with others through social media networks, email, web pages, etc. Exemplary achievement rules that can be created include...watching every episode of a series; watching all fall pilots for a particular network; watching every available sports event for a particular team; watching a predetermined amount of television within a period of time; watching media without fast forwarding; viewing a predetermined number of channels within a predetermined period of time; watching a particular program, series, season, as live broadcasts; watching a program in picture-in-picture; watching a program and concurrently requesting data relating to the program; and watching media on different devices and/or different types of devices.' So what's it gonna be, kids — exercise with Mrs. Obama or a straight-out-of-Idiocracy TV-viewing recliner?
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Will First Lady Find Google's TV Viewing Patent Evil?

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