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Submission + - Bill Gates: iPad users are frustrated they can't type or create documents ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: While Apple views the tablet and PC markets as two separate entities, Microsoft takes the opposing view.

During a CNBC interview this morning, Gates continued to toe the party line insofar as he praised the benefits of Microsoft's tablets and Windows 8 while explaining that iPad users are frustrated because they have trouble typing and creating documents.

"With Windows 8, Microsoft is trying to gain share in what has been dominated by the iPad-type device. But a lot of those users are frustrated, they can't type, they can't create documents. They don't have Office there. So we're providing them something with the benefits they've seen that have made that a big category, but without giving up what they expect in a PC."

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Bill Gates: iPad users are frustrated they can't type or create documents

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  • I remember when mr gates arrived as a guest speaker for New York amateur computer club here in NYC. DOS 3.1 just came out. you booted in hit return for date and time then typed format and then it would crash. Everytime. Asked mister gates about the software bug. In front of a large audience, he stated the bug was not microsofts fault but the fault of the computer manufacturer that sold it. Then it was IBM. We all could see he was lying thru his teeth. Who is he kidding now? There are so many
  • he also said that they missed Windows and constantly emailed him asking how to install Windows on it. He also said people frequently emailed him with other questions, like how to remove money from their country after their dear leader died, and maybe he could help.

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