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the_B0fh writes: ay 5 was the national election day in Malaysia. The people are very unhappy with the government. Over $1.5 trillion was stolen through corruption in the past 30 years. The prime minister is alleged to be involved in a cover up of the killing of a Mongolian model to hush up the corruption case in the purchase of French submarines —"

Now, there allegations of widespread election fraud, tampering with votes, bringing in foreign nationals to vote, paying for votes, and outright fraudulent votes and ballot boxes being moved in during the counting period. Apparently there is wide spread electricity "outages", and after the power comes back on, new ballot boxes have magically appeared.

Does anyone, including the US government, have the power to intervene and force a clean election? Or will the ones in power continue to abuse and corrupt the process in order to stay in power/ Will the citizens of Malaysia be strong enough to stand up for themselves? Will Malaysia experience the Malaysian Spring and overthrow a corrupt government?

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Is Democracy possible in Malaysia?

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