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mikejuk writes: Brendan Eich claims that he has seen the future but it seems to be just a codec? What's this all about?
Mozilla has joined forces with a OTOY, a company known for its rendering software. The result of the joint effort is Orbx.js, an HD codec which uses nothing but JavaScript and WebGL and is free of any intellectual property belonging to anyone else.
This is great news but hardly a reason for declaring "Today I Saw The Future".
At a press demo, OTOY showed a Mac OS X desktop running in a VM somewhere in the cloud with the display rendered to Firefox using Orbx.js. The idea is that the browser can become the universal platform by running virtual desktop environments in the cloud and displaying the result in the browser.
The video coding is run in a GPU cloud and this is claimed to be fast enough to make DRM redundant. In its place the video stream can be watermarked for each user. If it turns up on a P2P site then the user who put it there can be taken to court.
The problem with all of this is that orbix.js is just a decoder and there is little information on the coder end of the deal. It could be that OTOY will profit big time from coding videos and watermarking them while serving virtual desktops from their GPU cloud. The decoder might be open source but the situation about the rest of the technology is unclear. In the meantime we have to trust that Mozilla, and Brendan Eich in particular, are not being sold a utopian view of a slightly dystopian future.

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Brendan Eich Has Seen The Future

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