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Daniel_Stuckey writes: A month ago when Motherboard released Click, Print, Gun, a documentary about Cody Wilson and his quest to build a 3D-printed gun, plenty of people doubted this 25-year-old law student's ambition. Aside from those who picked apart Wilson's ego, these skeptics looked at the early creations of Wilson's new organization, Defense Distributed, and doubted the technology. Even the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives (ATF), the experts of the gun experts, brushed off the notion that a gun with 3D-printed parts could perform as well as one with steel parts. The last time I talked the bureau's spokesman, he practically laughed at the idea that a gun could be assembled solely out of 3D-printed parts.

Look who's laughing now. On Friday morning, Forbes's Andy Greenberg published photos of the world's first* completely 3D-printed gun. It has a 3D-printed handle, a 3D-printed trigger, a 3D-printed body and a 3D-printed barrel, all made of polymer. It's not completely plastic, though. So as not to violate the Undetectable Firearms Act and guarantee it would get spotted by a metal detector, Wilson and friends embedded a six-ounce hunk of steel inside the gun. They're calling it "The Liberator."

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Cody Wilson Successfully 3D-Printed an Entire Gun

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