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Submission + - Helicopter rescues drone from Swiss mountain top. ( 2

garymortimer writes: Some impressive mountain flying skills from this helicopter pilot who for $800 drops off an FPV pilot to pick up his $2500 model aircraft. All in postcard pretty Swiss scenery. First person view flying is one of the fastest growing areas of model aircraft flight.

The airframe has a camera attached and the video feed is relayed to either a monitor or goggles. On screen displays (OSD) overlay information on that display tell the pilot how far, high and how much power he has remaining. To a degree it mimics flying a real aircraft. One proponent even getting out as far as 100km a 200km round trip! A flight just shy of 5 hours in length all for a motor run of a minute. If nothing else it demonstrates the untapped potential of soaring UA. Something sUAS News hall of fame personality Dan Strider knows all about.

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Helicopter rescues drone from Swiss mountain top.

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