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Submission + - LivingSocial Hacked: 50 Million Users Exposed (securityweek.com)

wiredmikey writes: Daily deals site and Groupon competitor LivingSocial, said on Friday that it had fallen victim to a cyber attack that put its roughly 50 million users are risk.

“LivingSocial recently experienced a cyber-attack on our computer systems that resulted in unauthorized access to some customer data from our servers,” the company said in a brief note on its site while prompting users to reset their passwords.

Attackers reportedly obtained informing including names, email addresses, date of birth for some users, and passwords, which fortunately were hashed and salted. Additionally, the database holding credit card information was not accessed by the attacker, the company said.

“While it is good that the passwords stolen from LivingSocial are hashed and salted as this likely slow down the cracking process, it won’t stop it," Rapid7's Ross Barrett said. “Once they had cracked the first round with the tools at their disposal, they posted the hashes in a Russian hacker forum where other motivated individuals with the necessary skills and more advanced cracking tools were able to help decode the remaining passwords,” Barrett continued. “While salting the passwords will slow this process down further, eventually the attackers or their network will get the information they’re after.”

LivingSocial said they are actively working with law enforcement to investigate the incident but have not provided any additional details.

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LivingSocial Hacked: 50 Million Users Exposed

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