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Submission + - Lawrence, KS to get gigabit fiber - but not from Google (blogspot.com)

symbolset writes: Just 40 miles west on the Kansas Turnpike from Kansas City Kansas sits Lawrence, KS. With the slow rollout of Google fiber in their neighbour city, it was looking like their 89,000 people were not going to get the gigabit fiber to the home for quite some time.

Up steps Wicked Broadband, a local ISP. With a plan remarkably similar to Google's they look to build out fiber to the home, business, and so on with gigabit speed and similar rates, symmetric bandwidth and no caps. Wicked Fiber's offer is different than Google Fiber's, with more tiers — with cute names. The "Flying Monkey" gigabit plan is $100/month, "Tinman" at 100Mbps is $70/month. They offer TV as well but strangely put Internet streaming and Roku to the fore. They are even using Google's method of installing first in the neighbourhoods with the most pre-registration to optimize efficiency, and installing only where there is enough demand.

It seems Google's scheme to inspire competition in broadband access is working — if Wicked Fiber gets enough subscribers to make it pay. If this succeeds it may inspire similar ISPs near us to step up to gigabit fiber so let's root for them.

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Lawrence, KS to get gigabit fiber - but not from Google

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