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Submission + - Do you charge your clients the subscription cost of programs? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I have been working with a client for the past 10 years, and we are now redesigning their site. However they want to have a bit more control of their site. Instead of adding a CMS, they want to have direct access to the pages. They are purposing to use programs like Adobe Muse and have me do the basic layout and then they can go and add products themselves. Adobe Muse costs $15/month (1 year commitment) or $25/month (month-to-month). Once the 'term' has expired, we can cancel the account.

What are the communities thoughts of who should pay the monthly fee? Should I pay for the muse subscription my self, make them purchase my subscription, or charge them for the subscription? I do not plan on using this after this project has finished.
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Do you charge your clients the subscription cost of programs?

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  • The client wants you to use Muse. The client wants more control of the site. So, the client should pay for Muse. Making you pay for Muse would be like making you pay for the web hosting and domain name too.

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