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Submission + - Some Windows XP users just can't afford to upgrade ( 2

colinneagle writes: During a recent trip to an eye doctor, I noticed that she was still using Windows XP. After I suggested that she might need to upgrade soon, she said she couldn't because she couldn't afford the $10,000 fee involved with the specialty medical software that has been upgraded for Windows 7. Software written for medical professionals is not like mass market software. They have a limited market and can't make back their money in volume because there isn't the volume for an eye doctor's database product like there is for Office or Quicken.

With many expecting Microsoft's upcoming end-of-support for XP to cause a security nightmare of unsupported Windows devices in the wild, it seems a good time to ask how many users may fall into the category of wanting an upgrade, but being priced out by expensive but necessary third-party software. More importantly, can anything be done about it?

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Some Windows XP users just can't afford to upgrade

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  • About time to dump some money into it,
  • I hardly use Windows so I'm not sure if it works or not but wouldn't setting the software to run in Windows XP compatibility mode on Windows 7 mean she wouldn't need to get the newer version of the medical software, or has the software company arbitrarily decided that if you upgrade to Windows 7 you have to upgrade their software as well?

    This is a bit like forced redundancy. Imagine if you had to buy new CDs or MP3s every time you purchased a new phone.

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