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astroengine writes: World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has announced that he was likely wrong about his view that the Higgs boson doesn’t exist — an outcome he doesn’t find very exciting — conceding that he lost a $100 wager. Speaking at the Beckman Auditorium in Caltech, Pasadena, Calif., on Tuesday (April 16), the British physicist gave a public lecture on “The Origins of the Universe,” summarizing new revelations in modern astrophysics and cosmology. After the lecture, Caltech physicist and colleague John Preskill commented on Hawking’s fondness of placing bets when faced with conflicts of physics ideas. Hawking lost a famous wager to Preskill in 2004 in a debate over whether or not black holes destroy information (theory suggests they do not, opposing Hawking's argument). “To love Stephen Hawking is to not always agree with Stephen Hawking,” Preskill quipped. “He’s usually right, but he’s not always right. Sometimes we haven’t been able to resolve our differences and we’ve resorted to making bets it’s sad to say that although Stephen Hawking is without doubt a great scientist, he’s a bad gambler.”
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Prof. Stephen Hawking: Great Scientist, Bad Gambler

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