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garymortimer writes: From the, these flying robots are getting everywhere department.

We are excited to announce the Fighting Walrus fully-integrated RTF airframe! This ready-to-fly airframe incorporates the features what our customers wanted most:

1. Streaming 1080p video

2. Manual control with the iOS device

3. Low cost Ready-To-Fly kits

The RTF Airframe will integrate with the Fighting Walrus Radio to enable an unparalleled ground station experience. Video streams from the drone are geo-encoded and embedded into the iOS application, allowing users to monitor drone orientation and position while watching the video stream.

The Fighting Walrus Radio integration will also bring Assisted GPS capability using eRide GPS. Using Assisted GPS enables fast first position fixes, spoofing protection, and maximum performance in difficult GPS environments.

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Fighting Walrus iPhone drone

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  • To bad the RTF airframe they are releasing was stolen from another company. They lacked the ability, money or time to design their own airframe so they ripped one off from Steadidrone that is there QU4D with a different color motor mount.
  • Interesting idea, but why the focus on iOS? With Android capturing 35% - 50% of the market share, depending on which articles you read, it is a poor business decision to only target Apple products. Do you plan on adding support for Android devices in the future?

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