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Submission + - How Much Storage Does It Take to Cure Cancer? (enterprisestorageforum.com)

storagedude writes: The answer: A lot.

It takes 1.5 GB of data to sequence the genome of an individual. With 12.5 million cancer patients in the U.S., it would take just under 19 PBs to store all that data. Then you need to sequence the cancer, which would take 20 to 200 times more storage than that. Throw in all the other diseases that could potentially be treated with in silico analysis, and you have one heck of a Big Data problem.

Writes Henry Newman on Enterprise Storage Forum: 'We are on the brink of having the technology and methods to be able to detect and treat many diseases cost-effectively, but this is going to require large amounts of storage and processing power, along with new methods to analyze the data. ... Will we run out of ideas, or will we run out of storage at a reasonable cost? Without the storage, the ideas will not come, as the costs will be too high.'

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How Much Storage Does It Take to Cure Cancer?

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