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Submission + - Google's idea of productivity is a bad fit for many other workplaces (citeworld.com) 3

rjupstate writes: Google places a lot of value on the spontaneous creativity that can occur when two employees from completely different parts of the company meet. It's a an ideal that Google has perfected over the years, but it's not something that will work for most other organizations. Executives trying to replicate Google's approach could even create major problems among their workforces.
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Google's idea of productivity is a bad fit for many other workplaces

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  • u have the money for this
    but seriously, scaled for their money, is google actually creative ?
    sure they spend huge bucks on throwaway demo projects, anyone can do that if they have the money

    me personally, I think the user interface at www.google.com sucks, and i bet if it weren't google, most slashdotters would agree with me

    • the reason why google became popular was because while all the other search engine home pages were full of all sorts of shit which slowed down the page load, google had a simple logo, text box and search button in the center of the screen... and their results pages also weren't bloated with shit

      if it works, don't fuck with it... but then maybe their tinkering since is the cause of your anguish?

      i personally think google image search has gone downhill

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