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Submission + - MakeVR to Bring User-friendly 3D Modeling to the Masses in Virtual Reality

Benz145 writes: MakeVR is a forthcoming piece of software from Sixense, creators of the Razer Hydra. The software pairs the Hydra with an intuitive two-hand interface design where you reach out and manipulate objects in a highly natural way ( Even more exciting is out-of-the-box support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset ( which, when combined with MakeVR, makes it feels as though you are really grabbing objects with your own hands thanks to the first person perspective and the Hydra's 1:1 tracking. Sixense says that the Hydra can detect positional movements of as little as 1mm and rotational movements down to 1 degree. The company intends to launch a Kickstarter this month ( to fund some exciting features for the software like multiplayer, physics, animation, and more.
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MakeVR to Bring User-friendly 3D Modeling to the Masses in Virtual Reality

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