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Submission + - Closing the gap to improve the capacity of existing fiber optic networks (gizmag.com) 1

cylonlover writes: A team of researchers working through Australia’s Centre for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) has developed data encoding technology that increases the efficiency of existing fiber optic cable networks. The researchers claim their invention, which packs the data channels closer together, increases the data capacity of optical networks to the point that all of the world’s internet traffic could be transmitted via a single fiber.
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Closing the gap to improve the capacity of existing fiber optic networks

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  • When there was a missile gap, America rose to the challenge. However, now, our leadership in technology is slipping away. When one considers that the United States through funding, much initiated and supported by Al Gore, created and developed first the military and then the public internet, the fact that leading edge internet technology is now being developed at Australian and German labs is further testament to how far America has fallen in technology leadership.

    One really has to begin to ask, will cont

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