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Submission + - What do we really want, Mars or wars? (

Earthquake Retrofit writes: SpaceFlightNow reports: The spacecraft that will carry three Chinese astronauts into orbit in June arrived at the country's remote desert launch base Sunday for final testing and flight preparations, state media reported.

The article also points out some of the recent accomplishments of the Chinese manned space program which invoke in me fond memories of the early days of NASA. And in light of their recent statements indicating a softening (somewhat) of their position regarding North Korea, has me wondering if perhaps now is the time to start talking about a cooperative space venture with the Chinese.

Sure we're ahead of them now. But we won't be forever. Do we hate them so much that we really need to force them to re-invent everything? Because they will. To quote Doonsbury "They don't like being forced, but don't mind being bribed." It could be quite lucrative for all countries involved in the decades to come both monetarily and especially scientifically.

We could start small, like we did with the Russians. That turned out fairly well. Perhaps something simple like a standard docking system so space travelers in trouble might be rescued or be able to rescue someone else.

I truly believe that Peggy Whitson would have made it to Mars by now if it weren't for these damn wars.

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What do we really want, Mars or wars?

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