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Hamburg writes: Frank Mittelbach, member of the LaTeX Project and LaTeX3 developer, reviews significant issues of TeX raised already 20 years ago. Today he evaluates which issues are solved, and which still remain open and why.
Examples issues are managing consecutive hyphens, rivers of vertical spaces and identical words across lines, grid-based design, weighed hyphenation points, and overcoming the the mouth/stomach separation. Modern engines such as pdfTeX, XeTeX and LuaTeX are considered in regard to solutions of important problems in typesetting.

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Extended TeX: past, present, and future

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  • It is great to see the author list the pros & cons of TeX. Interesting that after 20 years of font & layout that typography's hard problems are still hard.

    Issue 3.4 Page layout "Baseline to Basline" spacing (leading) is one reason I hate many [programming] fonts. You are forced to accept whatever "default" value the font designer uses. While fonts such as Proggy, Consolas, are good (without that stupid anti-aliasing blur) they don't go far enough by having too big a value of leading. I've design

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