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Submission + - Hacking a medical practice 2

An anonymous reader writes: I manage a few computers for an independent private medical practice connected to a hospital network. Recently I discovered repeated attempts to access these computers. After adjusting the firewall to drop connections from the attacking computers, I reported the presumed hacker IP to hospital IT. I was told that the activity was conducted by the hospital corporation for security purposes. The activity continues. It has included attempted fuzzing of a web server, buffer overrun attacks, attempts to access a protected database, attempts to get the password file, etc. The doctors want to maintain a relationship with the hospital and are worried that involving law enforcement would destroy the relationship. What would you advise the doctors to do next?
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Hacking a medical practice

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  • Interesting relationship when one partner may be spying on the other. Sounds like a marriage on the rocks. Have you had the doctors' attorney write a stern letter to the hospital? Short of involving the law, open discussion with other medical practices may change the hospital's behavior. Law enforcement may not be interested unless there are substantial monetary damages.

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