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Submission + - Young Friend Wants to Program Games 2

Stargoat writes: My young friend wants to program video games. She hopes to go to school to do this, perhaps to Full Sail or some other school specializing in game development. This makes her friends, who would prefer to see her with a masters or PhD in Mathematics, Economics, or Psychology, nervous. Are there any horror or success stories the Slashdot community would like to share?
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Young Friend Wants to Program Games

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  • If she wants to program games, go to a real school and get a real computer science degree.

    It sounds like she wants to follow her dreams. This is a good thing. Something like Full Sail will pigeon-hole you. That's a bad thing. What happens when your dreams lead you somewhere unexpected? You want to be able to keep following them, right?

  • School for video game programming is asking for a degree that actually video game companies will have zero interest in. These schools are scams for people enamored with the idea of making games.