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Submission + - Takedown Notices Inadvertantly Guide Users Towards "Pirated" Films (

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC reports that "Two film studios have asked Google to take down links to [DMCA takedown requests] sent by them requesting the removal of links connected to film piracy. [..] The notices are requests for individual web addresses to be removed from Google's search engine results because they contain material uploaded without the permission of the copyright holders.

By making the notices available, Google is unintentionally highlighting the location of allegedly pirated material, say some experts.

"It would only take one skilled coder to index the URLs from the DMCA notices in order to create one of the largest pirate search engines available," wrote Torrent Freak editor Ernesto Van Der Sar on the site."

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Takedown Notices Inadvertantly Guide Users Towards "Pirated" Films

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