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Submission + - Protecting Home Computers From Guest Users? 1

An anonymous reader writes: We frequently have guests in our home who ask to use our computer for various reasons such as checking their email or showing us websites. We are happy to oblige, but the problem is many of these guests have high risk computing habits and have more than once infested one of our computers with malware, despite having antivirus and the usual computer security precautions. We have tried using a linux boot CD but usually get funny looks or confused users. We've thought about buying an iPad for guests to use, but decided it wasn't right to knowingly let others use a computing platform that may have been compromised. What tips do slashdoters have to overcome this problem, technologically or otherwise?
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Protecting Home Computers From Guest Users?

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  • This question does not have to be so specific. Securing a computer for guest use is the same as securing a computer for any other reason. The solution is not simple. Using a LiveCD as you mentioned is the best way to isolate a user session from the installed operating system. Along those lines you can get a Linux distro that look like Windows if your friends can't handle the change.

    Try Zorin: []

    If you just need your default installation to be more secure you will need to take a lay

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