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Submission + - Scribd Reveals It Was Hacked, Asks Users To Change Their Passwords

An anonymous reader writes: Scribd has revealed it was hacked earlier this week, in what it says appears to have been "a deliberate attempt to access the email addresses and passwords of registered Scribd users." The good news is that the company believes less than 1 percent of its users were potentially compromised in the attack, and it has emailed each and every one of them asking them to reset their password.

The company has set up a Web form for users to check if they are amongst those affected. We recommend that regardless of what the Web form says, and even if you don’t use your Scribd account regularly, you should probably change your password. In cases like this, it’s better to be safe than sorry, although it’s great to see that the company says it encrypts its passwords (they are both salted and hashed).
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Scribd Reveals It Was Hacked, Asks Users To Change Their Passwords

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