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Submission + - Kondik Disables CyanogenMod Stats Opt-out, User Backlash Forces Reversal

hypnosec writes: Open source and alternative firmware for Android devices – CyanogenMod removed the opt-out feature using which users were able to control whether their information is set to the maintainers of CyanogenMod or not. This removal caused a severe backlash following which the CyanogenMod team has reinstated the opt-out feature. The reason for collecting the statistics was that the CyanogenMod project wasn’t able to determine the exact number of users of the software and according to project leader Steve "cyanogen" Kondik, this ‘is painful.’ Following this Kondik decided to "remove the opt-out and always turn stats on." Users were not impressed and a wave of disapprovals followed. Kondik tried addressing the concerns by stating that such statistics were essential for a software development to progress in a well-planned manner. He insisted that those who are not willing to have this feature removed may pick up the CyanogenMod code and compile it themselves without the recent changes that he had implemented. Having said that a recent code commit indicates that the changes have been reversed by Kondik. Kondik notes, "Apparently this is a bigger issue for a small number of extremely vocal users. We should respect their wishes, no matter how off-base their claims are in this context."
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Kondik Disables CyanogenMod Stats Opt-out, User Backlash Forces Reversal

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