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Submission + - Jeff Berwick, the Founder of Bitcoin ATM, Says His Machine Is the Real Deal (

Daniel_Stuckey writes: While the Bitcoin ATM concept gathered a lot of attention, some rightly scrutinized Berwick's claims. Sure, Berwick hailing bitcoin as potentially a "multi-billion-dollar business" is perhaps speaking a bit hastily. While Business Insider seems a little more satisfied after Berwick responded to some of their skepticism, plenty of questions surrounding the ATM project remain unanswered–including those regarding regulations and licensing, government cooperation, functionality, exchange rates, social demand, fees, etc.

Currently, all we have is the rendered image above of Berwick's machine, which Berwick sent me along with a picture of a Bitcoin ATM receipt. That's a long way from last week, when Berwick told me that his machine was more or less ready to rock. After exhaustively nagging him for a picture of the real deal and only receiving renders, it feels like Bitcoin ATM is in much more of a concept and investment-accrual phase.

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Jeff Berwick, the Founder of Bitcoin ATM, Says His Machine Is the Real Deal

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