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Submission + - Indian Supreme Court rejects Novatris patent on cancer drug 1

damitr writes: In a landmark judgement, India’s Supreme Court today rejected a patent plea by Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG for cancer drug Glivec, boosting the case for cheaper drugs for life-threatening diseases. http://www.firstpost.com/business/sc-rejects-novartis-patent-plea-on-blockbuster-cancer-drug-glivec-680460.html A patent on the new form could have give Novartis a 20-year monopoly on the drug.During the hearing, the apex court had questioned the pharma company on the high price of the cancer drug. A month's dose is around $ 2200 much higher than $150 which is the price of the generic drug. The firm had tried to dispel the impression that its drug would be beyond the reach of poor cancer patients, which sounds like familiar Newspeak . "The purpose is not to make money from the poor. This is not the purpose, but am I not entitled for patent for our drug? We are fighting the case on principle," senior advocate for the company. www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/novartis-plea-for-cancer-drug-patent-sc-verdict-tomorrow_844565.html If remains to be seen what the implications of this judgement are, and meanwhile Novartis had threatened that a refusal by India’s Supreme Court to grant patent protection for the medicine would have repercussions for multinational drug companies’ activities in the country, meaning they will be no longer giving new medicines in India. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/c377e20a-99eb-11e2-83ca-00144feabdc0.html
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Indian Supreme Court rejects Novatris patent on cancer drug

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  • Add a new salt to the old medicine and call it more absorbable and patent for 20 more years --- someone had to call their fraud.

    Countries like South Africa that are struggling with HIV essentially grant patents without any review. No wonder a simple TB drug like Linezolid costs 66 times in Africa as opposed to India. Even United states allows patents with minor additions. No wonder drugs are so costly in US too.

    There may be a zillion things bad about India, but their patenting process is the least f***d up

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