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Submission + - India dismisses plea of Novartis for patent of cancer drug (indiatimes.com) 4

An anonymous reader writes: The Indian Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the plea of Swiss pharma giant Novartis AG for getting its blood cancer drug Glivec patented in India.The court rejected the claims of Swiss pharma giant and said the patents would be granted only for genuine inventions. This paves the way for Indian companies to manufacture generic drugs for cancer and make it available for rest of the developing world as well.
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India dismisses plea of Novartis for patent of cancer drug

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  • Add a new salt to the old medicine and call it more absorbable and patent for 20 more years --- someone had to call their fraud.

    Countries like South Africa that are struggling with HIV essentially grant patents without any review. No wonder a simple TB drug like Linezolid costs 66 times in Africa as opposed to India. Even United states allows patents with minor additions. No wonder drugs are so costly in US too.

    There may be a zillion things bad about India, but their patenting process is the least f***d up

  • Now, NOVARTIS will start making generics.

    Generic drugs made by third parties are sorely needed by non G8 nations across the world. Indian companies are the leaders in making generics....like Chinese companies are the leaders in making electronics / hardware. The argument of multinationals pharma companies like NOVARTIS claims the high cost of R & D for inventing new drugs for keeping up the high price. This has been debunked by the report on TIME [time.com](and many other sources) which proved the same drug or
    • by dooode ( 1134443 )

      Why would Novartis make generics when they get 60 times the money from their main brand?

      The very idea of generics is that after patents lapse, some life saving drugs can be made by other companies based on the original composition. Normally, patents are valid for 20 years after which they lapse. In this case, Novartis wants to continue with their patent by having a minor addition to the drug formula. Many countries don't allow this, which includes India.

      If the court would have allowed Novartis, this would h

      • Novartis will not reduce the price of Gleevec...they - or one of their subsidiaries - will bring generics of Gleevec to make sure they are not going to get a share of the huge generic pie.

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