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Submission + - Solve The Riemann Hypothesis With A Quantum Computer (

mikejuk writes: A new quantum algorithm allows the computation of a range of prime number functions to be computed well beyond the limits of a conventional computer. It is even possible that it could solve the million-dollar Riemann hypothesis. The best known of the prime number functions is Pi(x) which gives the number of primes smaller than or equal to x and we currently only know its value up to 10^24, By preparing a quantum state consisting of an entanglement of the primes José Latorre of the University of Barcelona in Spain, along with Germán Sierra of the Autonomous University of Madrid can compute Pi(x) an many other functions very quickly. As well as providing information on the distribution of the primes, a fundamental, it could also disprove the Riemann hypothesis as this predicts how close Pi(x) should be to its best approximation. The good news is that while real world tasks such as factoring needs a 1000 qubit machine only 80 qubits are needed to go beyond conventional computation.
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Solve The Riemann Hypothesis With A Quantum Computer

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