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nfaragerocks writes: Slashdot — along with the media of the Americas and Europe continue to censor this information:

Western media is heavily censored. The issue of the world's corrupt banking system is the reason. Basically, money is not money (sound currency) when it is a commodity. That is the true reason for the financial crises. And that's why it is only getting worse and worse (Cyprus is a great example of what they'll do next around the world — rob your bank account directly, 20% if you have over $100k or 4% if you have under it).

I'm sure you're aware of Anonymous. You probably know they stand for freedom and fight human rights abuses. So why are they attacking Israel? Why is it an operation that every member is involved in — when that rarely, if ever, happens?

There must be something behind the big money scheme. Truly makes you re-think WWII. Unsettling is a euphemism. I recommend watching Dark Legacy (stream it on Netflix). That really makes you re-think history altogether....

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Slashdot Censors Info & Deletes New Posts - Updated

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