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Submission + - Finding every power socket in every airport in the world ( 4

avleen writes: One of the most stressful things when you travel: Your phone or laptop is low on power and you can't find an outlet to charge it! They're almost always subtle, hidden away.
No more! We released an app to map out every power socket in every airport in the world. Ambitious? Sure. Feasible? Definitely.
If you're travelling, check this out. We still need help finding power sockets — if you see one at an airport, it's very easy to submit it for everyone to see, right from the app. Join us, help us out!

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Finding every power socket in every airport in the world

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  • This kind of thing is far better suited to an actual web app than an app for any specific platform.
    • by avleen ( 2871205 )
      Web app and iOS apps are in the works :-) On minor difficulty with a web app, is continuously polling a person's location to find the closest power points to them, but we should have this fixed in the next few days! Overall it was a matter of getting this out the door ASAP to be helpful as possible as fast as possible, and then iterating better and better versions.
      • Ah. I did not realize it did continuous polling. That does change the picture somewhat. I thought it was a one-time query.
        • by avleen ( 2871205 )
          Only while the app is open, to find the current location :-) And we deliberately don't log that anywhere, or request any personally identifying information. Privacy ftw.

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