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Pax681 writes: "The Pro-union Better Together Campaign have been abusing the automated DMCA take down procedures at Youtube,Vimeo and Daily Motion in order to remove a video Top Ten Unionist Myths Debunked which perfectly legally uses excerpts from [url=]Better Together's[/url] own videos.
Under UK copyright law there are provision under "Fair Dealing" for using exceprts for "Criticism and news reporting" , much the same as the DMCA in the USA with their n"Fair Use" clause.
There have been more than 30 take downs thus far between the various sites. the video is currently being hosted by Pro-independence online Radio station Radio Free Scotland on it's Video Safe Harbour page.
No Matter what side of the debate you stand on this is clearly an attempt at political censorship abusing the automated DMCA takedown systems at those sites and worse a clear attempt to stifle debate in what is the most important debate in 300 years for Scotland and it's electorate.
Better together have apparently claim that the complaint was to "protect" the people in the video.. well.. the video's are all publicly available and if the BT Campaign was so worried it would not have asked the people to be in them Also this statement from them doesn't come under copyright at all and in itself shows that the DMCA/copyright complaint is actually utterly unfounded.
In True internet Fashion the video has also been popping up on youtube and other sites continually in a Streisand effect response. Radio Free Scotland have stated that they won't take the video down as it is clearly legal and legitimate in it's use of the excerpts to debunk the "myths" of the Better Together Campaign.
Slashdots thoughts on this abuse of the DMCA to censor?"

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Better Together Campaign Abuse D.M.C.A to Censor Video

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