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Submission + - US Supreme Court upholds First Sale doctrine for works manufactured abroad (

Wrath0fb0b writes: The US Supreme Court reversed the $600,000 fine for a student who imported cheaper textbooks from Thailand and resold them for a profit in the US. The ruling affirms that the exclusive right of importation is subject to the same limitations (first sale, archival, fair use) as the restriction on reproduction and that a book bought abroad by a lawful assignee of the copyright is "lawfully obtained" for the purposes of the First Sale doctrine. The dissent focused more closely on the intent of Congress in passing the Copyright Act, and called the Court's decision a "bold departure from Congress’ design" and said it was at odd's with the US treaty position on copyright exhaustion. The opinion is also notable for the odd lineup, with three of the Court's liberal wing joining three of the more conservatives Justices in the 6-3 majority in favor of the appellant (the Court is current split 4-1-4).
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US Supreme Court upholds First Sale doctrine for works manufactured abroad

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