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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How to boot a dell studio 17" laptop in low power mode

An anonymous reader writes: I have a dell studio 17" laptop (ati radeon hd, wifi, dvd writer, bluetooth, sd, dual core, 3 gb ram etc) with windows 7 & ubutu lucid (yes! old distro) installed in dual boot mode. I use the laptop occasionally and I don't have internet connection at home. I have a requirement where I need to boot a lightweight distro to do a simple activity which is to prepare a document in plain text format. I need just a basic shell, vim and an offline dictionary with the ubuntu partition mounted to access the doc. I need extremely fast boot up/shutdown time and the other unused peripherals in powered off/low power mode (wifi, bluetooth chips, gpu, audio chips etc) to save battery/power. Can you please suggest a good solution for this? I am ready to do some level of hacking like preparing custom initramfs etc. (My concern is about these peripherals that while booting in full ubuntu distro, i have option to disable bluetooth, wifi etc. But I am not sure about them while using lightweight distros)
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Ask Slashdot: How to boot a dell studio 17" laptop in low power mode

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