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Submission + - Electronics Arts CEO ousted in wake of SimCity launch disaster ( 2

mozumder writes: The disastrous launch of SimCity took it's first major toll, with EA CEO John Riccitiello being fired from his position and removed from the Board of Directors. It is unknown what effect this may have on the SimCity franchise or any future DRM of EA games, but clearly someone didn't think their cunning plan all the way through when they decided to implement always-on connections for single-player gaming.
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Electronics Arts CEO ousted in wake of SimCity launch disaster

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  • SimCity was the tipping point.

    Remember, EA was recently ranked as the Worst Company in America []. People have been complaining about $60 downloadable only games locked into EA's servers way before SimCity.

  • Considering they already have another CEO lined up, and the amount of time and preparation that goes into finding and vetting another CEO, I highly doubt this transition has anything to do with the SimCity debacle.

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