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Submission + - Blackberry sells 1 million units to a single buyer (androidanalyse.com) 3

Gumbercules!! writes: At the end of each quarter, investors eagerly await the sales figures for the last three months and probably no company (with the possible exception of Nokia) will be so closely watched this quarter as Blackberry. This quarter has seen the release of what many consider to be their last throw of the dice – the Blackberry 10 range introductory range of handsets and poor sales figures could portent a very difficult time ahead.

So with that in mind, it’s “odd”, in the least, that suddenly someone would suddenly step forward and buy a full and exact million handsets – and Blackberry won’t tell us who. Blackberry is touting this as a huge vote of confidence in their brand – however if someone is so amazingly confident in Blackberry, why do they need to remain secret?

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Blackberry sells 1 million units to a single buyer

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  • They're going to an OEM who will rebrand them?
    • Hmmm. That's actually a possibility I hadn't considered because Blackberry had been so against this in the past. Now you mentioned, it, however, it does seem the only legit option I can think of. Unless BB gave someone like the US DoD an incredibly good deal - like $1 phones or something.

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