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Submission + - With storage getting 'dumb,' what's an admin to do for job security? (

storagedude writes: "Storage appliances are solving the age-old problem of storage management complexity — and in the process, endangering the jobs of storage admins. So what's an admin to do? Henry Newman at Enterprise Storage Forum has a suggestion: Get into complex data analysis. From the article:

'The storage complexity problem for file systems has been mostly solved. There are still a few hard problems out there, but not as many as there used to be.

'However, there is a new and even more complex set of problems right in front of us. These will require a deep understanding of what the users need to do with the storage and how they plan to access the data to create information on which actionable decisions can be made. These jobs are going to be high paying and require a broad set of skills. But the skills will be different than the current skills required for SAN and NAS and even the other types of appliances that are out there. Those involved are going to have to work directly with the application developers and users.

'Come to think of it, this sounds a great deal like 1996 and 1997 when SAN file systems started to come out. Those of us involved then had to talk with everyone up and down the stack to get things going quickly and efficiently. I believe the same approach is needed today.'"

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With storage getting 'dumb,' what's an admin to do for job security?

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