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Submission + - Compo4All: Making Arcade Games Social Again (pandoralive.info)

skeezixcodejedi writes: "Compo4All starts with a simple yet brilliant idea. Many people like retro gaming, and enjoy playing those ancient games that we use to love at the arcades. However, the said arcades have mostly disappeared, or the said games been replaced by newer ones. Therefore it has become almost impossible to go and play with friends and compete on such old games for the higher score. Compo4All has an interesting take on that issue Compo4All lets players run these old/ancient/retro games via M.A.M.E. (note that the M.A.M.E. emulators are not modified at all, so that it is not impacted by M.A.M.E. licensing), and then uploads the high scores to a remote server where all players’ achievements are recorded. Currently this targets the Open Pandora Linux handheld while the open source service gets onto its legs, but additional host platforms are planned (raspberry-pi, smartphones, desktops), more target emulators, indie and homebrew..."
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Compo4All: Making Arcade Games Social Again

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