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Submission + - Some Yahoo employees support Marissa Mayer's decision to axe telecommuting (

colinneagle writes: not everyone is crying out against Mayer's new policy.

Speaking to Business Insider recently, former Yahoo ad tech executive Michael Katz said that Mayer's move was something that had to be done. "Working from home may be convenient for some but it represents a huge opportunity cost to the team, especially a team that's trying to turn things around," Katz said. BI also quotes someone familiar with Mayer's thought process on the matter. The source said Yahoo has a huge number of people of who work remotely – people who just never come in; many of these people "weren't productive," says this source; "a lot of people hid. There were all these employees [working remotely] and nobody knew they were still at Yahoo."; and Mayer knows that some remote workers won't want to start coming into the office and so they will quit. That helps Yahoo, which needs to cut costs. It's a layoff that's not a layoff.

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Some Yahoo employees support Marissa Mayer's decision to axe telecommuting

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