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Submission + - Developers may be getting 50% of their documentation from Stack Overflow ( 1

gameweld writes: "Software companies, such as Microsoft, create documentation for millions of topics concerning its APIs, services, and software platforms. Creating this documentation comes at a considerable cost and effort. And after all this effort much documentation is rarely consulted and lacking enough examples. A new study suggests that developers are increasingly consulting Stack Overflow and crowd-sourced sites over official documentation, using it as much as 50% of time. How should official documentation be better redesigned? What are the implications of software created from unruly mashups?"
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Developers may be getting 50% of their documentation from Stack Overflow

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  • There isn't enough accessible source examples that clearly demonstrate the code in the documentation normally provided. If the publishing entity provided the ability to absorb the crowd-sourced examples, the fragmentation would be less and the documentation much more readily understood. This is the policy that seems to be followed by and it seems to be working in my opinion.

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