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Submission + - On the job certification training

beerdini writes: There is a debate going on within my IT department about how our continued training offerings compare to others in the industry that I'm hoping other Slashdotters can help to provide comparisons. Currently, if we are implementing a new technology or updated software we will send someone from IT for training to become a specialist, where they go to a formal training as a part of their job where they learn their new skills. Alternatively, for someone pursuing an industry certification they usually take the training on their own time and dime and on passing the certification exam they can submit the exam fee for reimbursement. This is the most common practice that I've seen in the various places that I've worked, but I have one co-worker that insists that it is our company's responsibility to pay for the materials, allow them to study and practice while on the job, and that all attempts to take the test should be paid by the company because it should be a company investment in the employee. So my question to the Slashdot community, what are continued training practices if your organization has them and are there any places that will pay for someone to get an industry certificate and any rules that may be associated with it.
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On the job certification training

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